Demian Dominguez – the Most Promising Blues Guitarist from Latin America

Considered as the most promising Blues guitarist /singer from the Latin America, Demian Dominguez has captured the Blues music scene worldwide. A native of Buenos Aires, Demian’s international tours have taken him to Europe and the Americas.

He recently released his second CD entitled “Devil By My Side” featuring world renowned Bernard Allison along with his own Demianband in the US and Europe. Ucombo Music Reviews editor Meg Dilts had the opportunity to interview him about his musical bringing, early career, and the releasing of his new CD.

Hi Demian, thank you so much for talking to us. The critiques have called you the most important Blue guitarist/singer who ever emerged from the Latin America and the Spanish cultures. People would think that you were a native of southern United States instead of a native of Buenos Aires if they just heard your playing. How did you get into the Blues?

Demian: I feel so fortunate and happy that the audience considers me this way and I’m very happy about the success that “Devil By My Side” is showing in commentary and reviews.

I arrived in Barcelona 8 years ago but I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For me, places mean “the people” and not necessarily the countries so I didn’t feel as though I was pulling up roots in Argentina when I moved to Barcelona. If you are really into the Blues and Rock the South of the USA must be the best place to be since many of my musical heroes were born there and this is the place where the Blues history was written. Playing the Blues is not only about spending a lot of hours practicing but it is a deep understanding about the folklore, the life and the feeling of all of those people who lived in the Southern USA. I started to play the Blues when I was a child of 12 years old and I used to listen to the monster musicians like Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughan and many others and I was always into the Blues. When I would come home from school, I would sequester myself to play and studio for 8 or 9 hours each day.

Meg: You started your musical training early, what were your early musical trainings like? Are your parents musicians?

Demian: I always had my mother’s support, my grandmother used to play the piano and my father who was a guitarist, taught me to play the guitar. My father introduced me to really good music. I would practice and play for hours until it started to sound like music. During this period of time I didn’t have a lot of friends and for me it was the most fun to spend the time with my guitar.

Meg: Who do you consider to be the most influential musicians in your playing?

Demian: I give thanks to Stevie Ray Vaughn for being a major influence in my musical career. For me, what was so profound about Stevie Ray Vaughn is that you can hear that he took many influences of the old timers and he created his own style with those influences that evolved beyond and expressed his own individuality. It’s like when you are young and your family offers you advice. You must listen to them and then you take their suggestions and your own way of doing things grows out of that so you build your own thoughts and opinions. To me it is the most important thing to have my own musical “voice” and for that to keep on developing.

I usually listen to a lot of Blues music, Rock and Soul but my biggest influences are among 60′ and 70′ musicians. Those guys were inventing new stuff and they played with such energy and passion by contributing a piece of themselves to every song and every musical note that they played and this is something that I never forget.

Meg: You had a successful career in Argentina before launching your international career, when did you start performing professionally?

I began to play professionally when I was 13 and when I was 15 I had the opportunity to open for Jimmie Vaughan, Roy Rogers & Los Lobos. From that point forward I shared the stage with many famous artists in Argentina.

Meg: You currently reside in Barcelona, Spain. How is the music scene in Europe different from those in Latin America?

Demian: Europe has many advantages because the distance in between countries is smaller and your job is based on traveling. There are also many festivals that have been going on for many years and there is a big musical culture in Europe. In the nightclubs and concert halls people always seem to want to discover new bands. With my current band featuring Gustavo Segura on drums and Lucia Del Campo on keyboards and bass, we’ve already completed 5 tours in Germany and it has been wonderful – also in Italy. In the beginning of the year 2010 we will be performing in the Czech Republic, Germany and other countries. It has been many years since I have played in Argentina but I have unforgettable memories from there and I hope to go back to Argentina to perform again soon.

Meg: Your new CD “Devil By My Side” was released in the United States and Europe. Can you tell us the inspiration behind making this great project?

Truly, Devil By My Side is the CD that I’ve enjoyed working on more than any of the others. I was able to put into use much of what I had learned in the past. I also took the opportunity to focus on the vocals on the album. For me, singing is just as important as playing the guitar, although I have to work much harder on the vocals. I’m really satisfied with the final product.

Being able to collaborate with Bernard Allison was an incredible experience. We met each other years ago in Germany when he invited me to perform with him. in Germany and when I had the idea to record my new album instantly I thought about him to be involved. What an amazing person he is. When I asked him to record a song with me he was delighted to do so. We worked together in the studio with my good friend Raul Arias and we used a 60s microphone, my old Fender amps, Marshalls, electric and acoustic Dobro guitars and we did it all in one or two takes. It was a great experience. I recorded my CD with my good friends Tito Bonacera on Bass, Roger Serrahima on Drums and Fernando Tejero on Hammond and everyone did a great job. Thanks to this CD, I have had the opportunity to travel to and play in many countries including the United States and Canada.

Meg: Thanks again for talking to us, Demian. We look forward to interviewing you again in the near future and the best of luck with everything.

Demian: Many, Many thanks for your interest in my music, and for introducing my music to your audience.

Demian Dominguez is exclusively represented by Redwood Entertainment in New York city in North America.

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